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Welcome to CEO Advisory Partners. I am Henry Mittelman, CEO of the firm, and Chairman of CEO Mastermind Alliance. I am also the author of UnSTUCK for Good!...a Simple Five Step Solution to help you take massive action and drive your business forward.

As a specialty coaching and advisory firm, we provide CEOs, business owners, serious entrepreneurs, and senior executives with honest counsel, guidance, and accountability to help grow and operate successful profitable businesses. 


You Can Achieve Greater Results


You are probably a serious and enterprising CEO, Business Owner, or Entrepreneur.

If the following statements resonate with you, it's probably worth spending some time learning more about who we are and what we do.

You’ve been in business for a while and have a proven product or service.

While your business may be doing OK, you have this nagging sense that it could (or should) be doing much better.

Your business/career is your primary source of income.

You’re working long hours, but when you consider how hard you’re working, the results are unsatisfying.        

As much as you hate to admit it – and all of us do – you’re a little bit stuck, and you’re not sure why.       


The Good News... I can help you to Get Your Business UnSTUCK For Good!

Having a business or career is easy. Having a great business or career - a successful business or career - requires effort. You have to invest the time, work, and resources necessary to effect growth and achievement. There’s no way around it. In business, as in sports, the most successful people are the ones who are willing to put in the effort, do whatever it takes, and pay the price.


Stop spending money on acquiring more knowledge. In of itself, it won't make you or your business more successful.


Most training programs, books, seminars, weekend retreats, and just about anything else being sold to help people succeed in business focus on giving people more knowledge about this and that.

Oftentimes it’s academic or technical knowledge of some sort...people skills, marketing, finance, operations, sales, you name it. And people buy this “stuff” thinking the additional knowledge is the “magic bullet” to success.

You see, people have an unquenchable thirst for more knowledge. We’ve been trained from our early years in school that the more we know, the better chance we have at becoming successful. And that’s true, but only to a point...and therein lies the conundrum.


It's Your Decision


What we have learned over many years, working with hundreds of clients in all business sectors, is that every choice you make in terms of how you spend your time...effectively delegate or compulsively over-control...blame others or take responsibility...how you plan your workday versus what you actually do all day (even down to how often you check your email) comes down to personal accountability.

We are the only professional service firm putting a spotlight on this, and our programs are the only programs that totally focus on this vital issue.  


What You KNOW Doesn't Matter. It's What You DO That Counts (Therein Lies The Challenge!)


Assuming you have the proper knowledge, we believe the only thing really holding you back is not using that knowledge effectively day after day after day. I know I’m making it sound simple, and we both realize it’s not. Focus and consistent action is where the rubber meets the road.

It’s also where most businesses and careers get STUCK.

Can you really take all of that theoretical, academic, and technical “stuff” you've learned and actually make it useful?

For most of us, the answer is “NO”. 

Running a successful business can truly be distilled down to a few basic strategies and behaviors that, when put to use (and I mean really put to use), will dramatically and positively affect the bottom-line of your business and your career.


The UnSTUCK Solution™


We work with people who are "serious" - willing to work on changing the way they presently manage themselves and their businesses, and push beyond their comfort zones. 

We don't sugar coat the issues.

Most advisory firms and marketing firms want to sell you more stuff.  

We don't try to sell you some new marketing plan, or teach you some new people or leadership skills.

No CRM software or training program; no “get 100 new clients in the next 30 days."

If your business or career is not as successful as you want it to be, chances are YOU are a big part of the problem AND part of the potential solution. You can either accept that fact and learn why and what to do about it, or you can flounder.

Take the quick, but powerful, UnSTUCK Solution Audit™ to see how we might be able to assist you AUDIT



How You Move Forward. It's Up To You 


CEO Advisory Partners gives you “the key”, and that is accountability–what it is, why you (or your team) lack it, why it’s so important, what it will do for you, why it’s the difference-maker between success and failure, how to attain it, and, most importantly, how to tap into it to take your business to the next level.

As your business coach, we help you find the straightest route toward change and progress. 

As your business coach, we help you focus your attention where it counts, and hold you accountable to implement the steps essential for your growth and success.

As your business coach, we help you to take high-leverage action consistently—the  kind of action that reaps REAL results.

We form an advisory partnership, the ultimate success tool—an investment that provides for a huge ROI, and yields prosperity and fulfillment that extends beyond business into all areas of life.

We have been serving CEOs, business owners, and serious entrepreneurs for the past 10 years. If you agree that with the proper guidance and accountability you could take your business and career to the next level, we should talk after you have an opportunity to review this website. 


Henry Mittelman
Founder & CEO
Boston, Massachusetts
August 2015


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